BioLife Energy Systems Products Unique and Unlike Any HoneyCombs Products

biolifelogo for email signatureNew York, NY / February 17, 2013 – Following rumors in the media to the contrary, the owner of HoneyCombs Herbs & Vitamins has stated that Biolife Energy Systems products have been specifically made for the company, and are unlike other HoneyCombs product lines available to the public.

BioLife Energy Systems products have been under fire after rumors spread about the pricing compared to other products made by the same manufacturer, HoneyCombs Herbs & Vitamins, based in Montrose, CO.

Crystal Combs, owner of HoneyCombs said, “The BioLife product line was created specifically for BioLife. The HoneyCombs and Monatau lines are not the same as the BioLife product line. The BioLife Energy Systems line of products start with the base of the HoneyCombs and Monatau lines and then we add to them to make them superior over any product line we have ever created.” Crystal is the daughter of Michael Combs, owner of HoneyCombs Industries and Monatau.

HoneyCombs has several product lines that are offered to the public via their website. Combs states, “The BioLife products contain the monatomic proprietary blend. This is a blend of different minerals and the monatomic gold. This makes the BioLife line a lot more expensive then the HoneyCombs line of products with just this added blend.”

Combs also stated, “The calcium contained in the BioLife Plus and the AlfaPlus is an organic algecal which makes it vegan whereas all of the calcium contained in the HoneyCombs line of products is a bovine calcium (not vegan). The entire BioLife line of products is cold processed and double colloidalized for ultimate cellular absorption without having to go through the digestive system.”

David Annakie, CEO of Linkup Media Group of Companies, parent company to BioLife, says, “I appreciate the support we have gotten from our loyal customers and that this dispels the rumors that we have been hearing. I would never stand behind a product that was not the best quality it could be. This should assure BioLife supporters that the product they are paying for is worth the money.”

Combs further states, “HoneyCombs and Monatau create many different lines for many different companies and we pride ourselves in having the highest quality products and specialized formulations and never duplicate a line so that a customer’s product line is exclusive to the customer’s company and clientele.”

All libel, defamatory and slanderous comments about the quality of Biolife will be taken into consideration and all social media and website/blog mentions have been turned over to Biolife Energy Systems’ and HoneyCombs’ legal departments.

Biolife Energy Systems is owned by the Linkup Media Group of Companies, a flagship corporation of powerful entertainment groups, premium health products and life improvement operations. The company caters to the multicultural communities globally, with headquarters located in the heart of the financial district in New York City.

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